Introducing the pooches

There are 3 of us, Phoenix – the only male dog the Hubers have owned.  Phoenix is a rescue dog.  We believe he is 1/2 redbone coonhound and 1/2 yellow lab.


He is also the oldest, currently about 12 yrs old.

Then there is Fiona.  Fiona was adopted from the local SPCA.  We believe she is part chocolate lab and definitely a lapdog.


Fiona is about 10 yrs. old.

Last but not least there is Gypsy.  Gypsy is 1/2 German shepherd (on her dad’s side) and 1/2 golden retriever (on her mom’s side).  Gypsy was purchased/adopted from a friend whose golden became pregnant from his son’s dog.  We had to put a dog down (her name was Mandy) due to her age and decreasing ability to control her bodily functions—when she started being unable to walk without assistance we felt it was humane to have her euthanized rather than continue to lose functions (she was 15 yrs old).  Anyway, I digress.  Gypsy is also known in our house as “Ripper Gipper” as she runs circles around the property—ripping around the yard.


Gypsy is 4  yrs old.

Follow this blog for their continuing escapades as well as recollections of their past escapades (i.e. —for those who are friends from Facebook, Chickenpalooza).

They may not be unique to you but they are to us and they are our family!!!!!!!!!!


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