Perfuming (if you could call it that!)

This was going to be about Phoenix and his personality BUT after dinner was ready last night, when settling in to watch shows off the DVR someone walked past and boy were they aromatic.

First of all, we live in the woods.  Front of the property is clear but behind the house is wooded as well as next door.  Needless to say this means we have wildlife frequenting the property….deer, fox, turkey, rabbits, squirrels, skunk, etc….which also means we have “gourmet deer poop”–apparently VERY yummy, “rabbit raisins”—can be scarfed down easily and when we go on walks “road apples”—a term I learned living in the Midwest for horse droppings on the side of the road (we also live in horse farm country).

Second, being a hound, Phoenix cannot be let out off a lead because he would follow his nose (a couple of years ago we thought we would need to cancel a trip back to IN for a wedding because he went missing  –  still don’t know how but THAT personality trait will be relayed in another post so stay tuned).  I jumped in the car and my husband started walking the route we normally take the dogs.  Found Phoenix taking himself for a walk, didn’t run from my hubby; Phoenix was just walking down the side of the road checking out the smells as if on a leash!

ANYWAY, back to the perfuming story….

Gypsy laid down on the dogbed between my husband and me (sniff, sniff) he checks the bottom of his boots thinking he stepped in dog poop, nope clean.  But you can still smell.  Now is was already dark and he took all 3 pooches out (Phoenix on his rope); however, he (my hubby not Phoenix) didn’t pay attention to where Fiona and Gypsy went.  SOOOO we determined Gypsy must of “perfumed” herself in deer poop (for those without pooches, a drop and roll in a spot where the human eye cannot see the scat but the dogs sure can).  Off to the bathroom to run water in the tub.  Gypsy is led into the bathroom and the bathing process begins after coercing her into the tub.  Done with the bath, water drained, bathroom put back together (because everything has to be removed since wet dog likes to jump out of tub and shake, shake, shake).  Phoenix comes out of the bedroom, looking like “please don’t tell me it’s my turn”.  Fiona, lapdog that she is, comes over to me once I am back sitting in the EZ-chair  and wants up on my lap.  She starts to put her feet on my lap and, sniff, sniff, IT WASN’T GYPSY WHO PERFUMED!!!!!!  Poor baby dog had a bath she didn’t really need!  Back to the bathroom for the whole process again.

Have to admit, never a dull moment at our house.

P.S.  Once again Phoenix comes out of the bedroom after Fiona is done with her bath with that look “please not me next” on his face.  And no, he wasn’t subjected to a bath….I was too tired for a third.



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