Getting to know….Mr. Phoenix Huber Dog

Yes, that is his formal name:  Mr. Phoenix Huber Dog.  He’s a lover.  Never known a dog to purr but he does.  When he nuzzles under your chin you start hearing “ummmm, ummmm, ummmm” with a sort of purring along with it.  As you know from the first post on this blog Phoenix is the only male dog we have had and he is definitely MY dog.  He favors me over my husband until it comes time to handing out treats, then it’s all my hubby.

Phoenix is also known as “Houdini Dog” for his ability to escape from a dog crate.  The door was still latched but he was outside of the crate.  When we both worked we would put up a baby gate to keep the dogs from getting into the living room and despite the gate being propped up with furniture (on the side opposite the room where the dogs were) Phoenix figured out how to get out and into the living room (which is why we then attempted to crating him).

Phoenix LOVES to look out the picture window and keep tabs on his front yard.  He puts his paws on the back of the couch and just looks and looks.  When he gets excited about an animal out there if the animal moves a bit out of his line of vision he will jump up on the back of the couch on all four paws so he can still watch whatever is out there.  This past year our neighbors got some chickens, they are free-range so they wander into our yard on a regular basis when they are out of their pen.  Phoenix is mesmerized by them.  The first time the chickens spent a considerable amount of time in our yard we called it “chickenpalooza”.  Now when they come over and are circling the house all we have to say is “Palooza time” and he comes running from wherever he is to look outside to watch them, rather comical.  During the summer we spend time in our gazebo and he REALLY enjoys that when the chickens come over because he has a 360 degree view of them.  Even when he is out on his rope and they come over he doesn’t chase after them, just watches—-Phoenix the chicken stalker


He’s my boy and I know I will be heartbroken when his short time with us is over but until then we enjoy his antics.



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