And it’s—FIONA DOG, the big brown dog


Fiona was adopted from a local SPCA.  When I first went to see the available pups I thought we would adopt another black dog; however, when we took the 2 dogs we currently had to meet the pups (there were 3, 2 black and one brown) the one I had originally thought we would adopt wanted to boss around our matriarch at the time and Fiona interacted with them better thus she was our choice.

Fiona is also known as Princess Fiona as well as Gazebo Dog.  She is Princess Fiona because when we first brought her home she was an angel during the day but once the sun went down she was a little monster.  We happen to have a decent size gazebo and Fiona really likes to sit/sleep out in it—even in winter with snow on the ground she wants to stop and go in on the way back to the house after our walks.  She also has her own wading pool.Fiona is also our lapdog.  When I sit in the EZ-chair she comes up to me, puts her feet on my lap, scoots her backend close to the chair and I am supposed to pull the footrest lever so she lays on my legs.  Then she nuzzles and likes to have her belly rubbed.  About 6 years ago she had surgery on the ACL in her left leg.  Poor baby had to have that entire leg shaved as well as the left side of her rump

1st day post op June 2008

(naked butt dog).  Don’t worry she has recovered and is none the worse despite the embarrassing picture.

Fiona has slowed down in the past year but still likes her walks.  Yesterday was gorgeous and probably one of the last warm days this year so the pooches got an extra long walk (have to say u-squared when we talk about walks prior to leaving or the excitement in the house is uncontrollable).  The original plan was to walk about a mile, just down to the Y-intersection and back but no one wanted to turn around so we just kept going.  When we got to the next cross road and said let’s turn around, Fiona started to whine and looked further down to road to keep going.  She forgets the way back is as long as the way there.  Once home it was into the gazebo and all 3 laid down for their naps.

PS – when she needed her bath after perfuming herself in deer poop last week she took it like a good dog and just stepped into the tub.

She is one of our love puppies.

UMMMM Chinese

(enjoying the Chinese food takeout container)


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