Sun’s out, neighbor is home—must mean CHICKENPALOOZA!

I wondered why suddenly all 3 dogs wanted out.  Luckily we now do a quick check of the yard before letting Fiona and Gypsy out loose because we are having a “chickenpalooza” day, perhaps one of the last of the year since once the snow flies I don’t think they will be able to make it over to our yard.

Anyway, it isn’t easy to see the chickens now that the leaves are down when they are in the woods but boy can the pooches see them.


Gypsy was staring at something in the yard so I followed her line of sight and there they were, in the woods, just behind the garden plot.  Once out Phoenix spotted them and it didn’t take long for Fiona to see them either.  The 3 of them watched as the birds made their way to the compost pile, did some scratching then worked their way back toward their own yard so everybody came in.  Just a few minutes later there was clucking on the side of the house so Gypsy ran over to the side window to jump up and look out because now the chickens were near our cars under the lilac bush, coming up to the outside water bowl (we’re nice neighbors, it is so convenient for them that there is a water bowl they can drink from) before going back into the yard to scratch for bugs.  Really, it is sort of fun having the chickens come over to visit/look for bugs.  The dogs LOVE to watch them and they haven’t had many ticks/fleas this year because of the chickens.  Over this summer the chickens have been over so often all we have to do is say “Palooza” and Phoenix comes from where ever he is to look.


Well, now there is clucking in front of the house so let “Chickenpalooza” continue!


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