Now about the baby of the family—-Gypsy

Gypsy happens to be the only dog we have adopted that is not part Labrador.  She is 1/2 golden retriever and 1/2 german shepherd.  We didn’t know what we were getting into when we adopted this mix.  Not complaining, just up until we got her all our pooches weren’t very vocal.  Gypsy, however, feels it is her duty to alert us whenever ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING moves outside.  She can appear to be in a deep sleep and all of a sudden she is up, running to a window or door and barking.  When she hears a large vehicle coming down the road she will start to growl before she gets up to bark at it through the window.  When out in the gazebo she will growl at any movement in the yard, the neighbor’s yard or in the road.  When called by security companies attempting to sell us systems (i.e. ADT) we tell them we don’t need one, already have one it is D.O.G.

I stand corrected in her age, Gypsy was actually 5 years old this past October.  We were on puppy alert while visiting family in Indiana, waiting for a call that the pups had been born.  In fact, every time my cell rang our nieces and nephews asked if it was the “puppy call”.  That call never came, what actually happened was I called the individual with the pregnant dog one morning to see if the pups had been born and was told she was delivering a pup at that moment.  I stayed on the phone with them, asked if the pup was male or female, was told it was a female, asked if there were any distinguishing markings and it was the only pup with any white on it, the back toes were white so it was decided that would be our pup.

gypsy 8 days old

We had been naming our dogs by following the alphabet (OK, OK, Phoenix came pre-named and Mandy just looked like a Mandy) but when it came to this new pup we were up to G.  My husband came up with Gypsy.  And a Gypsy she is, free spirited and a bit wild at times.  She also likes to roam around the property despite not being allowed to go far.  My husband tells her to “stay in the yard” and she “stays in the yard” almost as if she knows her “yard” consists of 7 acres.  She LOVES to chase squirrels and has attempted to chase the chickens when they come over for “palooza” but will come back when we call to her.  She also likes to perfume herself in eau de deer poop, particularly at this time of year.

Gypsy is also a snuggle puppy.  She likes to jump up on the bed and nuzzle under our chins while we rub her belly.  She is really a sweetheart.



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