Tis the season for…..”poop”sicles

Not every dog owner has had the pleasure (?) of finding out how much their pooch likes “poop”sicles.  For those uninitiated, a “poop”sicle is frozen dog feces and these are only available at a certain time of year (once the temperature dips below freezing for an extended period of time).

“Poop”sicle season started about a week ago in our geographic area.  At first it was only for a day or two until the temperature warmed back up to the 50’s but the season has since resumed and will probably continue now until spring thaw.  It caught me unaware and when Phoenix was caught munching on a “poop”sicle and I yelled at him to drop it at first he had a guilty look on his face but he did drop it (good dog!).  That was when Gypsy realized “poop”sicle season had started and she went out to look for some for herself.  Again, once her name was yelled and she was told “drop it” she did but not before enjoying a bite or two.  I am not saying Fiona is immune to eating “poop”sicles she just does it on the sly.

What can be done about avoiding/eliminating the munching of “poop”sicles you may ask.  Well, one can keep the waste picked up; however, there is a phenomenon dubbed “autumn turds” which makes it hard to find the waste if there are leaves down in the yard which hides the waste to humans but because of their strong sense of smell the dogs can find them.  I have also been told to give the pooches pieces of pineapple which apparently, once digested, makes the “poop”sicles unappetizing or put meat tenderizer on their food which has the same effect.  Needless to say over the past week, since we don’t have any pineapple, I have used meat tenderizer on their food once a day.  Is it working, I think so, at least for dog “poop”sicles but there is another gourmet treat out there that I have no control over—-chicken “poop”sicles and chicken poop is even harder to find since the droppings are not large.  We are hoping once the snow covers the ground we won’t have to worry about chicken “poop”sicles cuz the chickens probably won’t be able to make it over to our yard.
For those of you who live in climates in which the temperature doesn’t often fall below freezing…..be grateful that this is one aspect of dog ownership/parenthood you don’t have to experience!


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