Anticipation, an-ti-ci-pa-a-shun, I’m making ’em wait, keeping ’em wa-a-a-iting

Yes, they are waiting, have been since yesterday when all 3 watched me take the turkey out to defrost.  Gypsy was right there, nose up even though I find it hard to believe she could smell anything off a frozen turkey.  If today’s preparations go anything like those of past years I will have Fiona sitting next to me watching every move while I make the stuffing and all 3 of them coming into the kitchen when I open the oven to baste the bird.

I have to admit they are well-behaved during my preparations, just standing there, noses in the air for a whiff of whatever is going on.  It probably helps that there is a turkey broth that will be simmering all day to use for making gravy.  They are also extremely well-behaved while we eat our Thanksgiving dinner but they lose their patience when it comes time to clearing the table and putting the food away.  Then it appears they think whatever if leftover from the bird should be given to them.

The first Thanksgiving we had at our current residence was one that really tested how well the dogs we had at that time were trained.  My parents came out and my mom brought the turkey with them to be cooked.  The night before my dad wanted chicken so we bought a rotisserie chicken and had leftovers. On Thanksgiving the turkey wasn’t quite defrosted but I started to roast it anyway (mistake).  The bird didn’t finish roasting in the allotted time so we left it roasting and opted for the leftover chicken instead.  I put the chicken on the plate and the plate on the table.  I SWEAR that plate JUMPED off the table.  We had 3 other dogs (Dusty, Emery and Mandy) as well as my parents dog (Annalisa).  All 4 of them just stood there looking at that chicken lying on the floor, NOT ONE made a move for it.  To this day we don’t know if they were in shock or being EXTREMELY thankful because their wish for dinner was granted!  Needless to say the humans had just vegetables for dinner and then turkey leftovers for later in the even but boy did those dogs enjoy their Thanksgiving chicken dinner.

Well, I better make sure the turkey for today’s dinner is completely thawed and start prepping my side dishes (of course with oversight by Phoenix, Fiona and Gypsy).  Happy Thanksgiving!


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