Who’s been sitting in my chair?/Lap time

So, I was traveling for work earlier this week (YES, I FINALLY GOT A JOB AFTER 8 MONTHS OF UNEMPLOYMENT!!!!!) which meant Fred was home alone with the dogs.

Normally Phoenix will lay on the couch, the floor or a dog bed but Saturday evening while I was sitting on the LaZ-Boy he came over to me and started nudging my knee.  Since the dogs had just finished dinner I presumed Phoenix was trying to tell me he needed to go out.  So Fred took all 3 dogs out, Fiona went into the brush between our house and the neighbors, Gypsy wanted to walk further back on the property (now that we are down to 4 inches of snow from the 12 inches we had on Tuesday, spring-like temperatures on Saturday—the winter solstice—and again today, Sunday) and Phoenix just stood on the step of the porch.  A bit later I got up to go to the bedroom to change into my lounging PJs; when I came back the LaZ-Boy was occupied!  Phoenix had climbed up and made himself comfortable, head on the armrest, legs tucked under him and eyes starting to droop closed as he started to doze off to sleep.  Apparently he didn’t want outside but wanted me to get up so he could sleep on the chair.  I chuckled and Fred came back to the livingroom wondering what was so comical, told him he had to see it to understand.  When Fred looked Phoenix opened his eyes and wagged his tail.  In my absence Phoenix decided he would sit where I normally do and wasn’t ready to relinquish the chair back to me.

Fiona, on the other hand, missed me as well.  BUT Fiona will “share” the chair with me, meaning she likes to lay on my legs while I sit in the chair—her lap time.  Friday evening she was on my lap for the majority of the evening, same thing Saturday morning which is not normal.  Usually she will climb up for a short period then decide it’s time to lay on her dog bed—not this weekend, she was into some SERIOUS lap time.

You may wonder what Gypsy did; well, she just wanted belly rubs and for me to pay constant attention to her when I first got home.  She did do some snuggling when I went to bed on Friday because, you know, she is our “snuggle puppy.IMG_0034


I think I’ll call you Flower

While doing dishes last night my mind wandered and I recalled an incident with Fiona and a skunk which happened early in 2013.

I put Fiona and Gypsy out while I got breakfast ready then went to bring them in after I put their dishes down.  Gypsy came right in but Fiona, well Fiona was busy with an animal that came to visit.  First, out of the corner of my eye I saw a black nose.  Hmmm, one of the cats in the neighborhood must be visiting, strange that neither Fiona nor Gypsy made a big deal about this by barking I thought to myself.  Upon looking closer I thought I didn’t recall seeing a black and white cat around the neighborhood, certainly not one with white down its back.  WAIT A MINUTE!!!! WHITE DOWN ITS BACK—THAT IS NOT A CAT!!!!! There was no telltale odor from a skunk.   Image my panic seeing Fiona nose to nose with a skunk!  Trying to stay calm so the skunk wasn’t frightened I started to call Fiona to the door, very quietly.  She looked at my like “but I’m making a friend here” and proceeded to go around to the skunk’s rear end to sniff.  OH LORD, DEAR JESUS NO!  DON’T LET IT HAPPEN!!!! goes through my mind.  The skunk just stood there and let Fiona sniff at it.  FINALLY I was able to coax Fiona back into the house BUT the skunk followed her up to the step.  Calmly I let Fiona in and closed the backdoor.

I still don’t know how it happened that there wasn’t any spraying of anyone by the skunk which I dubbed “Flower” (like the one in Bambi).  All I can say is I was relieved and glad that Fiona had made a friend instead of an enemy.  I am also amazed that Gypsy didn’t incite any adverse reaction from the skunk either.  We haven’t seen Flower since then (at least not to my knowledge unless Flower visits without my knowledge).  All I know is we make sure we have the makings for the de-skunking solution on hand “just in case”.000_0002

Doe – a deer, a female deer…

OK, thank you NBC, I now have an earworm from the Sound of Music commercials you have been airing.

What does that have to do with dogs you may ask….well, when I get an earworm I start making up lyrics that have to do with our dogs to go with the melody.  Last night, the commercial came on, Fred (my hubby) came in from taking the dogs out — it was dusk and he said there were 4 deer which the dogs saw on the path we take them on toward the back of our property.  The song kept going through my head and I started changing the words.  Then Fred walked into the kitchen and heard:

Doe, a deer, a female deer.

Phoenix, he’s the golden one.

Fiona, her name,  the big brown dog.

Gypsy, she likes to run and run.

Roll, what dogs do in deer poop.

Bath, it happens after roll.

T, that’s “T” for their dog treats.

and that brings us back to doe, oh, oh, oh.

3 dogs

My apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein.  Now let’s hope I don’t hear “It’s a small world” anytime soon!

Falling Squirrel Zone

If I haven’t mentioned it before, Gypsy LOVES to chase squirrels.  Our back porch is enclosed (more like a mud room) and we have a full view storm door as our outside door.  During the summer the glass is replaced by a screen but right now it is a glass pane from top to bottom. Gypsy likes to lay on the back porch (when it is warm enough) and look out the back door.


Before she goes out she looks around the backyard to see if there are any beings she needs to “guard” against. She has been amazed when we open the inner door and there is a squirrel sitting on the back step looking at the house.  Gypsy stares as the squirrel as if sizing it up and the squirrel stares back like it is daring her to try to catch it.  We make a move to open the door and the chase begins always ending with the squirrel reaching the safety of a tree before Gypsy gets to the foot of the tree.  If she could I think she would climb up after it. Many times, like once last week, she will take off up our back hill into the woods and normally she is chasing a squirrel.  We have learned to look around the backyard as well to make sure there aren’t any deer or the neighbors chickens out there but when it comes to squirrels they aren’t as easily seen by us humans.

But I digress.  Recently one morning I went to put the dogs out, took a look around the yard before opening the back door and didn’t see anything.  However, Gypsy did:  halfway up the hill and midway between the start of the tree line and the path to the back of our property she ran.  I saw the squirrel dart up a tree and there she stood at the bottom of it.  Then to her surprise, CRACK, down came a branch on the side opposite her and up jumped that squirrel (either he was hefty or that branch was weak).  Gypsy stood there looked confused while the squirrel jumped up and ran to another tree.    She then circled the bottom of the 2nd tree as if expecting another squirrel to fall from the sky! The squirrel survived to tease her another day.

It took a couple of minutes but she finally decided the excitement was over and came back to the house looking a bit disappointed.  Gypsy hasn’t given up, she still checks out the yard before going out the door to see if she can chase any other squirrels up a tree.