I think I’ll call you Flower

While doing dishes last night my mind wandered and I recalled an incident with Fiona and a skunk which happened early in 2013.

I put Fiona and Gypsy out while I got breakfast ready then went to bring them in after I put their dishes down.  Gypsy came right in but Fiona, well Fiona was busy with an animal that came to visit.  First, out of the corner of my eye I saw a black nose.  Hmmm, one of the cats in the neighborhood must be visiting, strange that neither Fiona nor Gypsy made a big deal about this by barking I thought to myself.  Upon looking closer I thought I didn’t recall seeing a black and white cat around the neighborhood, certainly not one with white down its back.  WAIT A MINUTE!!!! WHITE DOWN ITS BACK—THAT IS NOT A CAT!!!!! There was no telltale odor from a skunk.   Image my panic seeing Fiona nose to nose with a skunk!  Trying to stay calm so the skunk wasn’t frightened I started to call Fiona to the door, very quietly.  She looked at my like “but I’m making a friend here” and proceeded to go around to the skunk’s rear end to sniff.  OH LORD, DEAR JESUS NO!  DON’T LET IT HAPPEN!!!! goes through my mind.  The skunk just stood there and let Fiona sniff at it.  FINALLY I was able to coax Fiona back into the house BUT the skunk followed her up to the step.  Calmly I let Fiona in and closed the backdoor.

I still don’t know how it happened that there wasn’t any spraying of anyone by the skunk which I dubbed “Flower” (like the one in Bambi).  All I can say is I was relieved and glad that Fiona had made a friend instead of an enemy.  I am also amazed that Gypsy didn’t incite any adverse reaction from the skunk either.  We haven’t seen Flower since then (at least not to my knowledge unless Flower visits without my knowledge).  All I know is we make sure we have the makings for the de-skunking solution on hand “just in case”.000_0002


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