Bio: For the 8 months I spent as a displaced worker I filled my time with crocheting, gardening (in season), walking our dogs and enjoying my recently retired husband's company. I recently became gainfully employed again and won't have as much time to devote to crocheting as I would like; but, I will post as time allows so if you are following me, don't give up I am here, just "working for a living" (YAY!!!!!) Live in upstate NY in horse country in a wooded area. My grandmother taught my sisters and me to crochet on a Sunday afternoon in her kitchen. One sister says she can't crochet too well (but she can knit, something I can't do) and the other has been doing a lot of sewing of late (can't speak to her crocheting skills). Didn't crochet for years but as a newlywed, working at the front desk of a dormitory, started crocheting to fill the time and to make gifts for our mothers. First gifts made for them were afghans with notes "to keep you warm like you kept us warm with your love." Since then, up until now, have crocheted off and on through the years but since being laid off this past spring have been an avid crocheter (it helps me keep sane). Why not follow me to see what crocheted creations I can "whip" up. Let me know if anything strikes your fancy... there are pictures of projects I would like to attempt on my Pinterest future projects board.

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