Doe – a deer, a female deer…

OK, thank you NBC, I now have an earworm from the Sound of Music commercials you have been airing.

What does that have to do with dogs you may ask….well, when I get an earworm I start making up lyrics that have to do with our dogs to go with the melody.  Last night, the commercial came on, Fred (my hubby) came in from taking the dogs out — it was dusk and he said there were 4 deer which the dogs saw on the path we take them on toward the back of our property.  The song kept going through my head and I started changing the words.  Then Fred walked into the kitchen and heard:

Doe, a deer, a female deer.

Phoenix, he’s the golden one.

Fiona, her name,  the big brown dog.

Gypsy, she likes to run and run.

Roll, what dogs do in deer poop.

Bath, it happens after roll.

T, that’s “T” for their dog treats.

and that brings us back to doe, oh, oh, oh.

3 dogs

My apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein.  Now let’s hope I don’t hear “It’s a small world” anytime soon!